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Semillon (pron. semi-yon)

Semillon is a versatile, high quality white grape capable of exhibiting a wide range of styles from bone dry to lusciously sweet. Semillon ripens earlier in the season than most grapes and is therefore less likely to be damaged by rains or frost.

Australian Semillon wines are full flavored white wines, mostly pale straw in color with aromatic expression of sweet citrus and orange blossom with classic varietal herbaceousness. Light to medium bodied, the finish is usually clean and fresh with lingering lemon/ lime, straw and grassy flavors with zesty steel acidity.

Consistently productive of vigorous vines, Semillon is easy to cultivate. It is fairly resistant to common vine diseases, with the notable exception of rot, which most often is hoped to be the noble type and not the destructive strain.

Vinified as a dry table wine it makes fresh white wines with tart, lemony flavors. When the wine is first bottled, Australian Semillon wine will have bright acidity and tropical notes. However, as the wine is allowed to age in the bottle, it develops a honeyed, nutty taste. Semillon wine also has the ability to bottle age for a very long time.

The wine growing regions of Western Australia make great dry Australian Semillon. It is often the trend to add a little bit of the more herbaceous and racy Sauvignon Blanc to the blend to take advantage of the strengths of each variety, creating a Sem Sauv Blanc.

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